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About Me

My name is Bharat Arimilli and I am a senior attending the University of Texas at Dallas. I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and grew up in Saudi Arabia where my dad worked for Saudi Aramco, the Saudi state oil company. I graduated high school from Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire.

I am a full-stack web developer with a passion for building beautiful, elegant and engaging web experiences backed by scalable and robust backends. Through every project I have worked on, I have emphasized that every piece of software can and should be beautiful to behold and a delight to use.

My Work


A platform for student media project management

NewsHub is a platform for project management being built for student media organizations at the University of Texas at Dallas. Featuring an integrated workflow for managing members, equipment and projects, NewsHub is built on a cutting-edge foundation of Redux, React and Node.js.

UTD Grades

Built to serve the UT Dallas community

UTD Grades allows students to view grade distributions for classes from previous semesters. Built on a React and Redux front-end and a serverless AWS Lambda back-end, UTD Grades is designed to offer users a beautiful and minimalist experience that is fast and robust.


Robust web infrastructure for a student-run business

Swyft Epsilon is a full-stack JavaScript web application built specifically for the Swyft student-run business at Phillips Exeter Academy. Complemented by a robust back-end for data processing and analytics, Swyft Epsilon was built from end-to-end to meet the needs of the organization.

Smart Room

Internet of Things Room Sensor

Built on Windows 10 IoT Core with the Raspberry Pi 2, Smart Room is a real-time room sensing system that combines the power of the Windows Universal Platform with a real-time Sails.js server and Ember.js client.


A minimalist course scheduler

Originally built for use at Phillips Exeter Academy, Scheduler is a simple and elegant way to view weekly class schedules. Built on Node.js and Ember.js, Scheduler was designed to offer a thoroughly modern experience.

The Emission

A custom-built Ghost theme for a non-profit

Designed exclusively for The Emission, a non-profit.