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About Me

My name is Bharat Arimilli and I am a junior attending the University of Texas at Dallas. I recently graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire. I am a web developer, mobile developer, and entrepreneur. I am a longtime Microsoft fan; I had a Zune when they were still around and although I don't carry a Windows Phone anymore, I was an early adopter. That being said, I love Apple and Google and I especially enjoy working on their platforms. I’ve been involved in business since I was a child, from running an import store for expatriates in Saudi Arabia to operating a student-run logistics business at Phillips Exeter Academy.

My Work


A platform for student media project management

NewsHub is a platform for project management being built for student media organizations at the University of Texas at Dallas. Featuring an integrated workflow for managing members, equipment and projects, NewsHub is built on a cutting-edge foundation of Redux, React and Node.js.


Robust web infrastructure for a student-run business

Swyft Epsilon is a full-stack JavaScript web application built specifically for the Swyft student-run business at Phillips Exeter Academy. Complemented by a robust back-end for data processing and analysis, Swyft Epsilon was built from end-to-end to meet the needs of the organization.

Smart Room

Internet of Things Room Sensor

Built on Windows 10 IoT Core with the Raspberry Pi 2, Smart Room is a real-time room sensing system that combines the power of the Windows Universal Platform with a real-time Sails.js server and Ember.js client.


A minimalist course scheduler

Originally built for use at Phillips Exeter Academy, Scheduler is a simple and elegant way to view weekly class schedules. Built on Node.js and Ember.js, two of the fastest-growing web technologies on the market, Scheduler is a modern web app through and through.

Exonian Mobile

A mobile app for America's oldest preparatory school newspaper

The Exonian Mobile app offers the Phillips Exeter Academy community an easy and elegant way to experience The Exonian, right on their phones. The app is designed to offer the same content available on The Exonian’s website, formatted specifically for smaller screens.

The Emission

A custom-built Ghost theme for a non-profit

Designed exclusively for The Emission, a non-profit.


A new website for an online humor publication

Designed exclusively for Exiemoron, a publication at Phillips Exeter Academy.


Aesthetically pleasing model of 2D collisions

Flow is an aesthetically pleasing model of inelastic collisions between circles in a 2D space with inertia. This project was a collaboration between Bharat Arimilli, Declan Saviano and Steven Kim for a CS420 design project at Phillips Exeter Academy.